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Artist Statement

I'm a student in my second year at the University of Northampton, studying BA Hons Fine Art Painting and Drawing. This year I've been developing my practice to combine my different ways of working to create an enriched body of work, to progress onwards into my third year. 
My work revolves around ideas of antiquity, mythology and the figure. Creating work that depicts powerful godlike beings, taking inspiration from history paintings and artists such as Michelangelo, introducing contemporary practices and minimalist colour palettes. 
Throughout my second year, I challenged my previous ways of working by becoming more adventurous and pushing my boundaries as an artist. By increasing scale and experimenting with process paint, it allowed me to enjoy a more fluid way of creating work. Compared to the intensive technical work, I'd become more comfortable with previously. By looking at artists like Carne Griffth and Aunia Kahn: it's helped to spark a new enthusiasm and imagination for my practice.
After seeing some of Carne's work, I felt inspired to push myself into making a large scale mural: limiting myself to only using charcoal helped me to gain more confidence and let go of being so precious with my work,  forcing myself to trust in my own ability and judgement.
While in my second year, I discovered through using process paint my love for intricate patterns and shapes formed by the mixture of white spirit and oil paint. By combining this with my tonal figurative work, I feel the two create an interesting contrast without overshadowing each other and compliment the image as a whole. 
In my third year, I hope to further my investigation into my practice by continuing onwards with tonal sketches and process painting. Alongside, developing new ideas and concepts for my subject matter, possibly branching out into biblical stories, tarot cards and fictional characters: nourishing my work with all types of resources and design possibilities to broaden and enrich my practice.


"I am still learning "

Michelangelo aged 87



Here are some images of different works that I've made throughout my second and first year at university. Ranging from process paintings, wall murals and sketchbook works.

The Face of God
Spartan Soldier
Broken Waves
The Face of God
Rock Pool
Face of Poseidon
Study of a Figure
Blinded by Beauty

Contact Me

For any inquiries, originals and commission requests, please contact by filling out the form provided, or using the email below. Thank you!


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